Big City Nights is an independent podcast studio in Manchester, UK.

We make incredible box set podcasts and shorts, specialising in investigations.

Daring journalism. Masterclass production.

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- For BBC Sounds -

'Grand Theft Auto' shocked and thrilled the world. For rapper Bugzy Malone – it goes deep. This is that incredible story - an eight episode keynote box set praised by the Guardian, The Times and Esquire.

8 x 35 min

- For BBC World Service -

They’re the so called Digital Nomads, who can live and work where they please. They've landed in Lisbon - where the locals say they’re skewing the economy.

Short selling: the high risk trade, now at the fingertips of amateur investors. The pros win big - but the dumb money gets burned. A three part series featuring a short seller - a CEO - and an amateur investor.

3 x 18 min

Big City Nights was founded by executive producer Ciaran Tracey in 2021 after a career in BBC News & Current Affairs.

Ciaran created, series produced and exec’d three keynote BBC box set podcasts, including the award winning ‘End Of Days’ - now in development for television drama.

His podcast series have been heard by millions of people across all major podcast platforms including iTunes, Spotify and BBC Sounds.

Big City Nights is an independent production house specialising exclusively in box-set storytelling of the highest quality.

We ally with the very best investigative journalists and storytelling podcast producers active in the UK right now to craft addictive, must listen, audio magic.

The team also has periodic availability for exec production, series production and development of your projects.

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